From the Frontline: Managing a cutting-edge renewables project

In this episode, Project journal editor Emma De Vita speaks to Tim Rose, programme manager at Energy Superhub Oxford, a four-year, £40m demonstrator project to explore potential innovation in using batteries to support grid stability, electric vehicle infrastructure and smart renewable heating. It aims to save 10,000 tonnes of CO2 every year once opened, increasing to 25,000 tonnes by 2032. Part of the Superhub is the UK’s first grid-scale hybrid battery energy storage system, led by Pivot Power (part of EDF Renewables), which plugs into the National Grid.

The project is part funded by a £12m Innovate UK grant to demonstrate a model for other towns and cities and to improve air quality and support Oxford’s plans for rapid decarbonisation.

In this podcast, Tim shares his experience of working on a highly innovative, cutting-edge project at the forefront of climate action, and gives his advice to project professionals on what they can learn from projects like these – and the skills you need to work in the area.

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