In this episode, hosted by Mike Hine, online editor for APM’s Project journal, we’re looking at communication for project professionals.

Communication is a vital condition for project success. However well-planned, a project will not run smoothly if stakeholders are left confused and under-informed as a consequence of inefficient communication. With an ever-growing array of comms tools at their disposal, the project manager has some important decisions to make – as well as timing their communications properly, they need to ensure the methods they deploy are appropriate for the message and the audience. Projects of all sizes therefore need to have a communication strategy – particularly those which are complex or have a large number of stakeholders.

Joining the podcast for this episode are:

  • Ann Pilkington, co-founder and director of PR Academy, a provider of education and training in communication
  • Tim Lyons, a programme and project manager working on large system and infrastructure programmes; and a member of the APM People SIG committee
  • Elizabeth Harrin, who has over 20 years’ experience in leading IT, business change and process improvement projects across financial services and healthcare


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