From the Frontline: Life on Mars? Project managing NASA’s Perseverance mission

In our From the Frontline season, Project journal editor Emma De Vita is meeting professionals who are working on cutting-edge projects, and academics whose research is at the forefront of project management techniques.

In this episode, we meet Jennifer Trosper, project manager for NASA’s Mars Perseverance project in its Jet Propulsion Laboratory in California. Jennifer has worked on NASA’s Perseverance programme for eight years. When Perseverance finally landed successfully on 18 February after launching on 30 July 2020, there was a lot to celebrate. The Perseverance rover, complete with onboard helicopter, cost $2.4bn dollars to build and will cost another $300m to land and operate in its first year on Mars. Its mission is to seek signs of ancient life on Mars and bring samples back for further investigation.

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