New approaches to lessons learned – capturing the right lessons in the right way

In this episode, hosted by Project journal editor Emma De Vita, we explore why getting lessons learned right is incredibly important to project success. We also look at the main challenges around lessons learned, what knowledge you should aim to capture and how to best share it.

As APM’s Body of Knowledge 7th Edition makes clear, knowledge is intangible and complex. It encompasses much more than documents or information. It exists in people and can be tacit and difficult to express. What’s more, a supportive culture in which knowledge and learning are valued is essential for effective knowledge management.

On the panel for this episode are:

  • Ellie Carswell, a graduate project manager at programme management consultancy Faithful+Gould
  • Dr David Eggleton, a lecturer in project management with innovation studies at the Science Policy Research Unit at the University of Sussex, and co-author of upcoming APM research on project success
  • Neil Turner, a reader in project learning at Cranfield University

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