Effective project leaders understand the nature of a serious challenge. While we often face a lot of pressure from all areas, we need to anchor ourselves and keep our eye on the outcomes.

How to get to grips with a complex project brief

When managing complex projects, it's crucial to identify the sources of complexity within your project and set an approach to manage those elements. The following is a set of considerations that enable success in delivering a complex project.


Posted by Dante Healy on 30th Sep 2020

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Commercially astute Finance and Project Management Professional with extensive experience delivering high-impact programmes, projects, controls, consulting, and governance structures in support of enterprise transformations, changes and growth globally.

Naturally curious with a passion for continuous learning and development both within myself and my teams. I have a practitioner certificate in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) which has benefited me in my self-awareness, communication, Emotional Intelligence and resilience. One of the key presuppositions being there is no failure, only feedback.


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