VUCA, hybrid and adaptability: reflections on BoK7

In this episode, our topic is the APM Body of Knowledge. The seventh edition of this core text for the profession was published in 2019. One year on, the book’s co-editors – Dr Ruth Murray-Webster and Professor Darren Dalcher – co-host an episode that reflects on the changes and updates made to the seventh edition. They discuss the considerable challenges and responsibilities of updating what they describe as a “foundational knowledge document” for the profession.

They consider the background and context to BoK7, the significant changes it introduced and the future of project-based management in an uncertain world. Ruth and Darren have written about their belief that a chartered profession does not require black and white ‘rules’. Instead it needs reflective professionals who can think about and devise ways to navigate a messy context in a nuanced way.

Listen now to take a deep dive into the fundamentals of the project profession in 2020 and beyond.

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