How to close a project

How you conduct yourself as a professional and a person is vital during the last phases of a project, as it defines your brand as a professional project manager. Therefore, you should treat project closure as much more than a simple box-ticking exercise.

You should be maintaining your documentation for the inevitable closeout process, including the lessons learned throughout the various stage reviews up to and including the final launch. All critical documentation, including sign-offs, should be completed before transferring to archive.

Additionally, you should archive essential documentation in a way that it can be accessed and referred to conveniently, such as the basis on which important scope decisions were taken plus lessons learned. In more extreme cases, this could prove critical as it may form the basis of defence against legal claims, e.g. such as in construction projects.Read more


Posted by Dante Healy on 2nd Jun 2020

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Commercially astute Finance and Project Management Professional with extensive experience delivering high-impact programmes, projects, controls, consulting, and governance structures in support of enterprise transformations, changes and growth globally.

Naturally curious with a passion for continuous learning and development both within myself and my teams. I have a practitioner certificate in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) which has benefited me in my self-awareness, communication, Emotional Intelligence and resilience. One of the key presuppositions being there is no failure, only feedback.

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