What Ramadan can teach project professionals

Project managers Abdul Wahab Ghumra and Aqeel Bashir say there are many things that project professionals of all faiths can learn from Ramadan, such as communication and sharing.

Abdul Wahab Ghumra

Muslims believe Ramadan to be a very special month, for it was in this month that the Angel Gabriel came down to the Prophet Muhammad with the Quran, the final revelation from God. The aim of every Muslim during this month is therefore to become closer to God, through self-discipline, patience and determination.

Ramadan changes the mindset for those who practice this month. Instead of focusing on ourselves, we are actively encouraged to engage in more charitable activities for those less fortunate. We are taught to be more considerate towards others, and we feel empathy for the millions of people around the world who have little or no food. This experience ultimately leads to gratitude and promotes a positive mindset.

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Aqeel Bashir

This year, Ramadan is nothing like we have experienced before. Every year I am asked ‘how do you cope with not eating or drinking for 18 hours a day?’ The answer is, it’s never easy, it’s quite complex.

But contrary to popular belief, Ramadan is not only about abstaining from food and water. It’s about gathering the mental strength to know you cannot eat until sunset, regardless of the temptation around you. I find this is similar to the situation project professionals are facing is the current circumstances, where there has been significant impact to our programmes, personal lives and careers. It is important to be patient and know this will pass.

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Posted by Abdul Ghumra on 27th May 2020

About the Author

Abdul Wahab Ghumra (CEng MICE, MAPM) is a principal project manager at Mott MacDonald specialising in the management of multi-disciplinary, complex projects and programmes. He is a Chartered Civil Engineer and Full Member of the APM, having completed the PMQ in 2016.
I am passionate about making project management a more visible and accessible career path for graduates and apprentices, especially within the engineering sector. I am also a STEM ambassador. 

Abdul Wahab Ghumra and Aqeel Bashir co-author the blog 'What Ramadan can teach project professionals'.

Aqeel Bashir is project manager, infrastructure at Turner & Townsend, specialising in project and programme recovery, and delivery of multi-disciplinary projects and programmes.

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