Coronavirus: Keep positive – it’s an opportunity to shine

Coronavirus: Keep positive – it’s an opportunity to shine

As the world wrestles with the knock-on effects of the coronavirus pandemic, it’s worth remembering that project professionals are no strangers to disruption.

In The Black Swan: The Impact of the Highly Improbable, Nassim Nicholas Taleb writes about ‘outliers’, events that fall outside normal expectations. But it’s important to understand that these supposedly rare events aren't actually that rare. 

This specific pandemic is, thankfully, an uncommon occurrence – but, collectively, there are many ‘rare’ things happening at all times that impact projects. What is important is how we choose to prepare for and respond to these events.

Approaching the current disruption from this angle reveals a perhaps unexpected glimmer of hope – there are opportunities here for project professionals in terms of implementing best practice and challenging ourselves to build more robust processes for the future.

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Posted by James Lea on 23rd Apr 2020

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I am passionate about a new approach to projects, programmes and portfolios: placing data at the heart of project design.  This will enable us to apply AI techniques to give rise to a new generation of project that truly learns from the past and delivers with greater predictability, reducing project write-downs and delivering value for money.

I deliver projects and programmes with a high integrity and ultra-low defect approach. With 19 years' experience across high-tech complex engineering projects and programmes, I bring together key stakeholders to ensure successful low-risk delivery. I use my energy, passion and inspirational leadership techniques to build, lead and govern high performance delivery-oriented teams.

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