Coronavirus diaries: The engineering sector

In the midst of a crisis, we take the positives where we can. One heart-warming aspect of the COVID-19 pandemic has been to see individuals and organisations coming forward and discovering how they can play a part in the response.

For some companies, this has meant committing to a complete pivot in production. Which can present quite the project management challenge.

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Posted by Dave Waller on 6th May 2020

About the Author

Dave Waller is a writer based in Cornwall. His work involves listening to people share stories of forging their own path and making a positive contribution to the world. And then crafitng it in a way that's fun to read. This could end up anywhere from the business pages of The Times to a stage at the Edinburgh Fringe.

He's also very interested in the blurring of lines between observing and participating – he keeps coming back to music, and its power to create space for people to learn and grow and not treat each other quite so badly.

Image: Marcin Balcerzak/

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