Measuring Benefits

Reetu Kansal sets out the six steps required to measure benefits effectively

A lot of professionals do not necessarily take benefits measurement and realisation seriously. In my organisation, we had a meeting a few months ago on this topic, which turned out to be surprisingly popular. A lot of people said that they didn’t really know how to do it; they would work through the project, tick all the things off their to-do list, then pass ownership to the sponsor and stakeholders as part of business-as-usual. They haven’t looked at the benefits realised or the lessons learned, which are complementary to the benefits. Often, people feel that they don’t have time to do it, but it is very important if you want to be a successful project professional.

The benefits realised by your project should be a consideration from planning to completion.

Read a list of best practice when it comes to measuring benefits.Read more

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Posted by Reetu Kansal on 12th May 2020

About the Author

Reetu Kansal is a Senior Project Manager at the University of London.  Her demonstrable niche lies in identifying change opportunities, building relationships and leading on high business risk projects that secure the University’s reputation and yield cost and time savings. Eleven years at the University have seen her cultivate over 175 strong strategic partnerships with regulators, professional bodies and educational organisations in over 50 countries, in functions averaging an income of over £55m p.a. She delivered the One University efficiency programme, a key strategic aim for the University, as a Senior Business Analyst, involving a series of projects on communications and customer journey mappings. 

Reetu is the co-founder and Chair of the University’s first Race Equality Group. She chairs the Chartered Management Institute’s (CMI) Future Leaders advisory panel. She is the Diversity and Inclusion Champion on CMI’s regional Board, and sits on the steering group for CMI’s Management 4.0 national AI thought leadership project. She is a published writer, blogger, presenter and journal reviewer on management, leadership and transnational education matters.

Specialties: Change management, Culture Change, Risk Management, Leadership, Management, Continuous improvement, Partnerships management, Customer Service, Intercultural liaison, Transnational Education, Inclusion, Project Management, Business Analysis, Languages (German, Hindi, French) 

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