Never stop learning

In these unprecedented times when we all feel isolated and overwhelmed, it is important to pay attention to our wellbeing and make time for self-development by continuing to learn. No matter what you learn and practice, whether it’s for work or just a hobby, learning can bring lots of mental health benefits.

A poll of 20,000 people across the UK commissioned by Demos UK and supported by Google (Learning Curve 2020) explored the impact and experience of learning online. They concluded that online learning improves our wellbeing as over 75 per cent of respondents said it has been beneficial to their mental health.

The internet changed everything; we have extraordinary access to information and resources like never before, but the amount of content can be overwhelming. We need to be savvy about the type of content that will help us learn something new and keep our knowledge up to date. And as we adjust to life inside the house, we should take this opportunity to develop new skills that are important for the future - whether that’s a business skill, honing our kitchen know-how, DIY or bird watching.

There is a wealth of resources available to support you from online courses and short focused modules such as those on APM Learning, to videos and community discussion forums like this one. The important factor is to find what works for you and get involved.

What new skill will you learn?


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