Procuring for agile projects

“We are going to be agile, and we are not going to see cost overruns in delivering this project.” How many times have you heard this statement in your project delivery career?

Most of us buy into the benefits of agile. With any project, we want to identify the challenges early and address outputs in manageable deliveries. Difficulties arise however, when we need to involve contracts and purchase from third parties. In short, our contracts and procurement processes are not agile enough – and we will not add benefits to large capital projects until we discuss the constraints of undertaking procurement with an agile project.

We (members from the APM Contracts and Procurement SIG) thought that we should address this challenge head on. We will be sharing our combined experience in a webinar, Procuring for Agile Projectsgoing out on Thursday this week. Read on to find out more about what we will be covering and how you can help guide your teams and processes to support agile projects.  Read more


Posted by Jason Sprague on 20th Apr 2020

About the Author

Jason Sprague is a managing consultant for ASE Consulting a Gemserv company. He specialises in transformation having worked within some of the largest change projects in the UK bringing together technology, commercial and organisational culture.

Join us for a webinar on Procuring for Agile Projects on 23 April. 

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