Coronavirus diaries: Two tales of tech project managers

Coronavirus diaries: Two tales of tech project managers adapting to the crisis

....adapting to the crisis

Technology has offered a life raft in the last few weeks. With the world introducing extreme social measures to help contain the spread of COVID-19, remote services have enabled us to stay connected – to work colleagues and family members, food supplies and other key facets of life. Yet many of the tech organisations behind these platforms are facing a major project management challenge – on two fronts.

A war on two fronts

Take the technology team at London Business School. It’s been charged with moving the school’s entire education provision to remote learning, while migrating its entire team to work from home too. The latter task was “incredibly challenging,” according to technology manager and APM member Gennadii Miroshnikov, who works in the school’s executive education team. He’s now suggesting “over-Zoomed” as a candidate for word of the year.

“Everything is like Alice in Wonderland,” he says. “It’s completely opposite to what we had before. So for me to deliver a project in this extreme situation, the lessons learned, the feedback, and the next cycle, need to come very, very quickly.”


Posted by Dave Waller on 15th Apr 2020

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