My project diary: cleaning up the world's oceans

Pindy Bhullar first heard about Exxpedition – an all-female crew sailing around the world to test the levels of plastics and toxins in the ocean – on BBC Breakfast in 2018. On 12 December 2019, she joined leg five of their two-year trip.

"I was inspired by not only the mission to collect samples and data for research into the scale of ocean plastic pollution, but [Exxpedition founder Emily Penn’s] ambition to raise awareness of the mission by selecting women from across the world to become change-makers,” she explains.

The project began in Plymouth, UK, on 7 October 2019, and will end in London in September 2021. After that time, the project will have covered 38,000 nautical miles and enabled 300 women to join a revolutionary science-based research mission.

Pindy kept a diary of the project as she travelled with the team. Her story was previously told in Project journal– here’s her diary in full.


Posted by Pindy Bhullar on 30th Mar 2020

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Pindy Bhullar, FAPM is a Senior Programme Manager working in the financial services industry. Her work involves problem solving and delivering lasting change.

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