Project managers need a new approach to recruiting top teams

Project managers need a new approach to recruiting top teams

Attracting and recruiting the best talent is one of the most challenging aspects of any major project or transformation programme. As any head of project management, chief technology officer or head of innovation will tell you, getting the best project managers in the right roles and tech stars on board is slow, time consuming and often hit-and-miss.

From paying large fees to recruitment agents to the huge loss of time reviewing CVs, traditional recruitment processes hit both time and budgets of heads of project management. Project managers are, of course, not unique when it comes to slow and outdated recruitment processes. They can, however, have a bigger impact on our industry where meeting short-term goals is paramount and getting the right skills in place as quickly and efficiently as possible can make a huge difference to the success of the project.

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Posted by John Bentley on 23rd Mar 2020

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John Bentley is founder and CEO of HRTech platform elbo. As a former Project and Programme Manager, Delivery Consultant and Software Development Head with many years of experience hiring for major IT and transformation projects, John founded elbo to help organisations overcome the significant pain points of hiring performant teams and talented tech stars. He has a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry, focusing on project and programme management, digital transformation, product management, business strategy, consulting, delivery, data and algorithms.

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